Our Story

On most garment factory floors, workers will generally participate in a production line, with each person specialising in one part of the process. At Aravore, we believe each maker should be given the tools and knowledge to create a whole item from start to finish. This deep expertise allows us to be innovative and experimental. It creates a connection between the maker who signs each piece and the wider public who show an appreciation for artisanal skills when they purchase Aravore clothes.
Our first capsule collection was launched in 2005 with 10 monochrome pieces made from unbleached organic cotton. Without colour variation, we had to make sure each item had something to offer in terms of texture or style. Over the years we have added new colours, materials and designs to build upon the traditional hand crochet skills generally available in Paraguay, where our Atelier is based. We now experiment with limited edition prints and fabrics, and mix hand crochet detailing with knitting to lend a delicate feel to the pieces.
Size Guide

0-18 Months - Baby Girls and Boys 



0-3 M

3-6 M

6-12 M 12-18 M
Height 60 67 74 81
Chest 46 48 50 52
Waist 46 47 49 50
Head 43 45 47 48


2-8 Years - Boys and Girls



 2 Y 3-4 Y 5-6 Y 7-8 Y
Height 88 100 115 128
Chest 54 57 60 65
Waist 52 55 57 62
Head 49 52 55 56


Aravore Size Chart. All measurements provided in Centimetres. There may be some small variation in size because of the handcrafting process.