Fashion Revolution Campaign

Fashion Revolution Campaign Aravore is proud to support the Fashion Revolution campaign In fact, Aravore was conceived precisely as a way of revolutionising the way fashion is produced by making the whole supply chain transparent and by employing directly every person that makes each Aravore piece. Since we launched nearly a decade ago and to this day, every single piece that we craft is signed by its maker -the person in our Atelier that put it together for you. The Fashion Revolution Campaign is encouraging people to look at their clothes #insideout and ask where they have come from and who made them. It is doing so in remembrance and to honour the lives of those who perished at the Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh one year ago today. We are convinced that this is a revolution well worth fighting for. Join us. Follow the campaign on twitter with the hashtag #insideout To know more about the Fashion Revolution Campaign, please visit: To learn more about how & why Aravore products are made, read our story

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